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Micro-Drip System

Micro-Drip System

Hassle Free Automated Watering for your Garden

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The Gardena Micro-Drip System

The best selling irrigation for your garden – the Gardena Micro-Drip System. Use this versatile set up for water gardens small and large, balconies, patios, the vegetable garden, flower beds, hedges or even just a couple of pots.

The fully customisable system allows you to design your garden to be watered to your desire.

This system is fully customisable, so you can use the correct heads to suit the needs of your plants. We know that every plant has its individual needs, so plan you give it exactly that! Innovate patented pipe and connection technology ensure your system is easy to set up - everything clips together as you would expect it to for a leak-free build.

Easy to set up

The patented connection technology means you will have peace of mind, trusting your system to water your garden autonomously for you to enjoy. Preserve water, save time – use a mix of drip heads and spray nozzles to help you have up to 70% of the water though ordinary hard watering. Automatically set a controller to allow yourself to sit back and enjoy a fully irrigated garden.

“Quick & Easy” Pipe Connection Technology is Gardena’s very own Patented innovation. This makes it so easy to build your system, while secure in the knowledge that your pipe is safely connected.

How to Set up a Gardena Micro-Drip System 

In very basic terms we suggest you start at the tap end and move through the system as follows:

Starter sets are available to get you going if you are looking for a general set to fit your garden, you can always add to the system and make it your own at a later date or in addition to your starter set.

You can rest assured that your garden will be looked after, perfectly irrigated and kept healthy with the optimum levels of water.

Still struggling? You can't go far wrong with a Starter Set.
It's a super way to get started - including many basic components at excellent value, you can expand later by adding more components.

Check out the video below for an overview and illustration on how to set up a basic system: