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Hose Textile Liano Set Extreme 30m

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  • Tough, durable, lightweight, kink-free, flexible textile hose
  • Length: 30m
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Burst Pressure: 35 bar
  • Warranty: 30 year (when registered)
  • Set includes spray nozzle, hose connectors & tap adaptors
  • Frost & UV resistant
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The Gardena Liano™ Xtreme 30m Textile Hose Set is a durable and flexible garden hose designed for medium-sized gardens. This 30-meter hose has a 13 mm (1/2") diameter, perfect for daily and long-duration watering needs. The set includes a pre-assembled Liano™ Hose Connector, Liano™ Water Stop, a Cleaning Nozzle, and two Tap Connectors, one of which fits three different tap sizes.

The hose features a flexible PVC inner hose and a tough textile fabric outer layer, making it durable and able to handle rough surfaces like rose thorns, paving stones, and house walls. It's dirt-repellent and won’t kink, making it easy to move around the garden. Plus, it's lightweight—up to 50% lighter than traditional PVC hoses—making it easy to carry and use for extended periods.

The Liano™ Xtreme is also easy to store, fitting neatly into small spaces like a shelf or garage corner. It can be left outside all year due to its UV and frost resistance. With a burst pressure of 35 bar, it's strong and reliable. The hose is also free from harmful substances like phthalates, cadmium, lead, and barium.

When you register your purchase on gardena.com/registration within 3 months, Gardena offers a 30-year warranty, ensuring long-term quality and performance. Built for tough conditions and everyday use, the Liano™ Xtreme is a top choice for garden enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for medium-sized gardens with its 30m length and 13mm diameter.

  • Comes as a full set, ready to use with necessary connectors and nozzle.

  • Tough and dirt-repellent, handles rough surfaces with ease.

  • Flexible and kink-free, easy to maneuver.

  • Lightweight, up to 50% lighter than PVC hoses.

  • Compact and easy to store.

  • UV and frost resistant for all-year-round outdoor use.

  • High burst pressure of 35 bar.

  • Free from harmful substances.

  • 30-year warranty when registered within 3 months of purchase.

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