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Gardena Pop-up Sprinkler MD80

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  • 80m² max range of coverage
  • Adjustable range of spray from 3.5 – 5m
  • 1/2" female thread
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Gardena Pop-up Sprinkler MD80

The Gardena Pop-up Sprinkler MD80 helps you create a green lawn in medium-sized lawn areas. The convenient, automatic irrigation of the Gardena Sprinklersystem prevents the lawn from drying out and saves you time. What's more, the sprinkler is barely visible, due to the underground system. Regardless of spray range and the watered area, the Pop-up Sprinkler offers a precise irrigation. This way, you save water. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you can adjust the range between 3.5 and 5 m and the watering angle between 80 and 360°, without the need of tools. The reduced water flow of the rotary nozzle allows better water absorption of the plant. This prevents wasting water. Due to the even and precise spray pattern, the irrigation is optimal across the whole watered area. The practical Double Pop-up System makes the sprinkler resistant to small bits of falling debris. The integrated filter ensures that the sprinkler is protected from dirt. With the 1/2" inner thread, you can integrate the sprinkler into your existing Sprinklersystem. The Pop-up Sprinkler MD80 is compatible with all products of the Gardena Sprinklersystem. Since the nozzle has the same water flow rate as the Gardena T200 and T380 sprinkler, you can easily combine the sprinklers in one irrigated area. The Sprinklersystem that understands your lawn. Trustworthy, water-efficient lawn irrigation.

Green, healthy and lush lawn

The Pop-up Sprinkler MD80 is part of the Gardena Sprinklersystem and ideally suited for the automatic irrigation of middle-sized areas, thanks to its spray range of 3.5 to 5 m. This way, the lawn stays lush and green.

Automatic and hidden garden irrigation

The convenient, automatic irrigation saves time and makes sure that the lawn is protected from drying out. Thanks to the underground system, the Pop-up Sprinkler is barely visible, even during the garden irrigation.

Saves water

The sprinkler impresses with exact irrigation, regardless of spray range or watered area, saving every drop of precious water.

Easily adjustable

The ergonomic design allows easy adjustments without the need for tools: The spray range can be adjusted between 3.5 and 5 m, while the watering angle can be adjusted between 80 and 360°.


Thanks to the reduced water flow of the rotary nozzle, better water absorption by the grass is ensured. The spray pattern is even over the whole watered area.


Double Pop-up System protects the sprinkler from dirt from the outside and the integrated filter protect the sprinkler from dirt.

Compatible with the Gardena Sprinklersystem and existing sprinkler installations

The sprinkler is compatible with all products of the Gardena Sprinklersystem. Thanks to the 1/2" inner thread, the Pop-up Sprinkler can be integrated in existing Sprinklersystems.

Technical Specifications

Article: 8232-20
EAN: 4066407002289

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