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Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Aquazoom L

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  • Areas of 28 - 350 m²
  • Range 7 - 21 meters
  • Width 4 - 17 meters
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Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler Aquazoom L


Precise, flexible and even watering for large lawns

Larger garden areas are no problem at all for the AquaZoom L from GARDENA, since the oscillating sprinkler is designed for areas of 28 to 350 m². In such situations, it's obviously important for the garden to be sprinkled evenly. The sprinkler fully meets these challenges and many more. The uniform watering also prevents puddles from forming. Enjoy every inch of summer.

Operating the AquaZoom L is simple and intuitive. Use the sliders to set the range (7-21 metres), spray width (4-17 metres) and water flow rate individually as you require it individually for your lawn. You can even water on just one side, meaning that water will only go where you want it to.

The sprinkler's extra-wide supporting feet help it to stand firmly on the ground. It is also very durably built with top-quality materials, which makes the AquaZoom L resistant to frost and UV radiation. The high quality is also apparent in the Made in Germany 5-year manufacturer's warranty, which ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your watering system.

Its easy-to-manage maintenance helps ensure its consistently high performance. This includes a rust-free metal filter built into the water connection to keep dirt particles from entering the device. Just twist open the fastening to access and remove the filter. Clean it by simply rinsing it off with water. The spray nozzles of the AquaZoom L are also simple and convenient to clean, since they are made of soft plastic. Getting rid of any lime deposits is as simple as wiping it off with your fingers.


*Water pressure requirements. To reach maximum range of sprinkler capability, water pressure must be 4 bar.

Technical Specifications:
Article No. 18714-20
EAN-Code: 4078500048118


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