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Water Controls and Timers
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By Gardena Water Controls
Gardena Water Timer
Manual Tap Dial

£ 23.99

RRP: £27.99
Gardena AquaCount Hose Pipe Water Meter

£ 25.99

RRP: £28.99
Gardena Water Control Flex
Perfect for irrigation of plant pots with micro-drip-system

£ 39.95

RRP: £46.99
Gardena Water Control Select
Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 3 individual watering schedules

£ 48.95

RRP: £58.99
Gardena Water Control Bluetooth®

£ 69.99

RRP: £79.99
Gardena Auto Water Distributor
For use with Control Master Timer or Smart Water Control Set

£ 79.99

RRP: £98.99
Gardena Battery Starter Kit Set - 18V
For all garden tools and devices of the 18 V POWER FOR ALL System

£ 89.99

RRP: £99.99
Gardena Water Control Master
Flexible automatic irrigation thanks to 6 individual watering schedules

£ 89.99

RRP: £109.99
Gardena Battery Rainwater Tank Pump 2000 18v Solo

£ 94.49

RRP: £109.99
Gardena AquaBloom Set
The solar-powered irrigation set for balcony and terrace

£ 99.99

RRP: £124.99
Gardena Water Computer MultiControl Duo
Perfect for individual irrigation of 2 areas

£ 105.95

RRP: £124.99
Gardena Irrigation Valve 9V Bluetooth®

£ 109.99

RRP: £124.99

Water Controls and Timers

Gardena Water Timers, Controls & Water Computers

Just sit back, relax and let Gardena do the work for you. Your garden still needs watering even when you're not round; whether you're away on your holidays or just leading a busy life, you may wish to automate the watering of your garden and Gardena timers are the solution.

Water each section of your garden separately or all at once. You can use a multi-channel control system to ensure that each section of your garden is supplied with the correct amount of watering and at the time of your choosing.

Water saving technology to beat the hosepipe ban

Connect up a soil moisture sensor or a rain sensor to your timer and this will both stop and prevent excess watering of your garden if the soil is already moist. You'll only use as much water as is necessary, preventing waste and ensure you don't over water and damage your lawn or plants.

Water up to six different sections at once or individually

Use an 1197 automatic water distributor in conjunction with a C1060 timer and you can control up to 6 areas of your garden - water them in sequences one after another. Excellent if you don't have sufficient water pressure for watering your entire garden at once.