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Spray Guns and Nozzles
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By Gardena Garden Sprayer
By Original Gardena System
Gardena Cleaning Nozzle
Compact Size & Frost Proof

£ 5.49

RRP: £5.99
Gardena Water Sprayer
Ideal for watering potted plants and areas

£ 8.99

RRP: £19.99
Gardena Stop 'n' Spray Set 13mm (1/2")
Water Stop & Cleaning Nozzle

£ 10.95

RRP: £11.99
Gardena Classic Cleaning Nozzle
Powerful cleaning & watering

£ 11.95

RRP: £12.99
Gardena Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
For gentle watering of sensitive plants

£ 16.95

RRP: £17.99
Gardena Comfort Cleaning Sprayer
for cleaning & watering

£ 16.95

RRP: £17.99
Gardena Classic Spray Lance
Gentle watering with distance

£ 16.95

RRP: £19.99
Gardena Comfort Bed Sprayer
For watering beds & larger planted areas

£ 17.95

RRP: £19.99
Gardena Premium Cleaning Nozzle
Metal nozzle for convenient cleaning & watering

£ 18.83

RRP: £24.99
Gardena Comfort Spray Lance
For watering plants & cleaning remote areas

£ 21.95

RRP: £24.99
Gardena Comfort Hanging Basket Lance
For watering hanging baskets & plants in remote positions

£ 23.95

RRP: £27.99
Gardena Premium Multi Sprayer
Five spraying patterns

£ 25.95

RRP: £32.99

Spray Guns and Nozzles

A Spray Gun for every need.

We offer the entire range of Gardena Nozzles and Sprayers, we have the right model for every conceivable application.

To clean we suggest Gardena nozzles, we have a nozzle with an infinitely adjustable water jet which makes it ideal for cleaning tasks, weather you want a fine mist to wipe away or a hard jet to remove big clumps of dirt.

For watering the garden we recommend choosing a Gardena sprayer, the sprayers we offer have features like an adjustable jet. Great for all sorts of applications; blooms, potted plants and sensitive plants too.

The entire range of Gardena Spray Lances, Sprayers, Spray Guns and even the nozzles are frost proof. The innovative design offers protection against the frost for years to come. Perfect for an unexpected cold snap.

Gardena handles are all designed to be ergonomic; adjustable, functional and extremely comfortable.

You can adjust the flow rate single handled - anyone can use them.