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Water Controls and Timers
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By Gardena Water Controls
Gardena Water Computer EasyControl
Automatic garden irrigation made simple

£ 29.95

RRP: £34.99
Gardena Auto Water Distributor
Use with MasterControl 1864 Timer

£ 63.89

RRP: £89.99
Gardena Water Computer MultiControl
Automatically water with comfort

£ 64.95

RRP: £84.99
Gardena Water Computer MultiControl Duo
Perfect for individual irrigation of 2 areas

£ 91.94

RRP: £109.99
Gardena Water Computer MasterControl
Premium model for individual irrigation

£ 94.95

RRP: £119.99
Gardena Smart Sensor
Measure soil moisture

£ 105.95

RRP: £109.99
Gardena Smart Water Control
Automatic irrigation via smart App

£ 153.95

RRP: £159.99
Gardena Smart Irrigation Control 24V

£ 228.42

Water Controls and Timers

Hassle Free Automated Watering for your Garden

Relax and let your Gardena Micro-Drip irrigation system do the work for you with a timer or water control. Your garden needs watering even when you're away on holiday or perhaps asleep.

You can rest assured that your garden will be looked after, perfectly irrigated and kept healthy with the optimum levels of water.

Simply connect your timer or water computer directly to the tap and program accordingly, you can water your entire garden at once if water pressure allows or do sections at a time in sequence. For example you could do the lawn first, then the flower beds, the pots and even the patio.

To save water and prevent over-watering your precious plants then utilise a soil moisture sensor which will stop the system if the ground becomes too wet.

You can water your garden daily if you like and up to three times per day; you control the length of time the garden is watered so if you just want an hour of watering in the morning then that's no problem.