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Starter Sets
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By Gardena Micro-Drip System
Gardena Starter Set Plant Rows 15M
Care-free and water-saving irrigation

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.99
Gardena Extension Line Plant Rows 25M
Use with 13010 & 13012

£ 29.69

RRP: £32.99
Gardena Starter Set Flower Pots M
Care-free & water-saving irrigation

£ 40.49

RRP: £44.99
Gardena Starter Set Beds
Care-free and water-saving irrigation

£ 40.49

RRP: £44.99
Gardena Starter Set Plant Rows 25M
automatic water-saving irrigation

£ 58.49

RRP: £64.99
Gardena Starter Set Terrace Advanced
automatic water-saving irrigation

£ 62.99

RRP: £69.99

Starter Sets

Gardena Starter Sets help you get started with Micro-Drip

Investing in a starter set is a great way to get started with your Gardena micro-drip system. It will provide you with many of the basic components that you need for a larger system but at a fraction of the price you would pay if purchasing the items individually, one by one.

What we particularly like about Gardena starter sets is that if you're new to Micro-Drip; you'll have a more or less ready made system which will take some of the stress out of planning your garden. You can always add more components later but at least you will know that nothing vital is missing.