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By Gardena Micro-Drip System
Gardena Supply Pipe 4.6 mm (3/16") - 15m
Micro-Drip-System Supply Pipe

£ 8.99

RRP: £10.99
Gardena Supply Pipe 4.6 mm (3/16") - 50m
Micro-Drip-System Supply Pipe

£ 25.99

RRP: £32.99


4.6mm Micro-Drip Gardena Components

Best practice when installing your micro-drip system is to branch off of the larger pipe to 4.6mm fittings at the point of watering.

On this page you will find all of the 4.6mm components for use when building a Gardena Micro-drip system.

These include pipe clips for securing parts to the ground or a surface, plugs for ending a line, spray nozzles for watering larger areas, drip heads for controlled water flow and water conservation, connectors for system assembly, piping, joints and valves.