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By Gardena Micro-Drip System
Gardena Connecting Pipe 13mm (1/2") - 15m
The central supply line

£ 14.95

RRP: £15.99
Gardena Connecting Pipe 13mm (1/2") - 50m
The central supply line

£ 45.95

RRP: £49.99


13mm Micro-Drip Gardena Components

To prevent unnecessary loss of water pressure it is best practice when building a micro-drip system that you use the widest, thickest pipe as much as possible and only branch off from the 13mm pipe to a smaller pipe when you are close to or at the point of watering.

Here you will find the full range of Gardena 13mm components for use when building your Micro-drip system.

This includes the black connecting pipe, plugs to end the line, clips and pegs to secure the hose, T Joints and L Joints for system construction, spray nozzles, sprinklers, drip heads for smaller areas and the essential master units for water filtration and pressure regulation.