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Water Controls and Timers
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By Gardena Water Controls
Gardena Water Valve Controller

£ 28.95

RRP: £39.99
Gardena Watering Valve V1

£ 32.95

RRP: £44.99
Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor

£ 41.95

RRP: £49.99
Gardena Watering Valve

£ 42.95

RRP: £59.99
Gardena Watering Valve V3

£ 51.95

RRP: £74.99
Gardena Programming Unit

£ 57.95

RRP: £79.99
Gardena Auto Water Distributor

£ 64.95

RRP: £89.99
Gardena Smart Sensor

£ 87.99

RRP: £109.99
Gardena Water Computer MasterControl

£ 94.95

RRP: £119.99
Gardena Smart Water Control

£ 127.99

RRP: £159.99

Water Controls and Timers

Gardena Pipeline Water Timers and Control Valves

Automate your garden sprinkler system. Program your watering valve with a water valve computer using the Gardena programming unit.

You can either use one valve in a V1 valve box or three valves in a V3 box.

Once the system has been installed it will automatically water your garden, see illustration below.

This is the tidiest way of setting up an automated Gardena irrigation system but if you would prefer a water timer with screen and a programmable system which can be changed quickly then consider using a C1060 with automatic water distributor prior to the connection point as shown here:

This alternative arrangement will allow you to forgo using the valves and valve boxes as part of your pipeline irrigation system.