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Hose Connectors
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By Gardena Sprinklers
By Original Gardena System
By Spare Parts
Gardena Washer Set 3/4"
Pack of 5

£ 2.95

RRP: £6.49
Gardena 3/4" Washer & 9mm O-Rings
Hose Fittings Washer Set

£ 3.49

RRP: £6.49
Gardena O-Ring for Original Gardena System
Pack of 5

£ 3.95

RRP: £6.49
Gardena Adaptor
Adapter R1"- R3/4"

£ 3.95

RRP: £6.49
Gardena Extension Joint

£ 3.95

RRP: £4.29
Gardena Threaded Tap Connector 21mm & 26.5mm
Connector for threaded taps

£ 4.49

RRP: £5.29
Gardena Hose Repairer 13 mm (1/2") - 15 mm (5/8")
For perfect hose repair

£ 4.95

RRP: £6.49
Gardena 3-way Y Coupling
Divides your water source in two

£ 5.49

RRP: £6.49
Gardena Accessory Adapter 26,5 mm (G 3/4")
For accessories without suitable connector

£ 5.49

RRP: £6.49
Gardena Water Stop 13 mm (1/2")- 15 mm (5/8")
Connection at the hose end

£ 5.99

RRP: £8.49
Gardena Hose Connector 13 mm (1/2") - 15 mm (5/8")
Connection at beginning of hose

£ 6.49

Gardena Hose Repairer 19 mm (3/4"")

£ 6.49

Hose Connectors

Gardena Hose Connectors and Hose Fittings

All Gardena Watering System hose connectors and fittings are designed for a quick and easy fit, they're reliable and watertight too. We offer fittings for use between your garden tap and hose and some other fittings for other tap points and appliances.

Key features include:

A Perfect Connection
Gardena hose fittings provide a water-tight fit between hose and all their "original system" fittings.

Tap Connectors
Suitable for threaded taps, unthreaded and even indoor taps , Gardena have the right connector for every tap.

Hose connections
With the Gardena original system you can easily divide, extend and repair your Gardena hose with the appropriate fitting

Water Stop
An ingenious new fitting from Gardena, simply remove your watering accessory (for example a spray gun) and the water flow will stop automatically.