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Garden Hose Reels
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By Gardena Garden Hose
By Gardena Hose Reels
Gardena Wall Hose Bracket
Will take up to 35m Hose

£ 6.95

RRP: £7.99
Gardena Connection Set
Connect from Tap to Hose Reel

£ 12.99

RRP: £14.99
Gardena Connection Set
Connect from Tap to Hose Reel

£ 13.99

RRP: £15.99
Gardena Liano Hose Storage TapFix.

£ 15.29

RRP: £17.99
Gardena Classic Hose Reel 10 Set - Unboxed - damaged packaging

£ 29.00

RRP: £40.99
Gardena Terrace Spiral Hose
7.5m hose set & integrated bracket

£ 32.95

RRP: £37.99
Gardena Clever Roll S
Hose Trolley with convenient handling

£ 35.99

RRP: £44.99
Gardena Hose Reel 30 with Hose
Complete Set

£ 37.95

RRP: £44.99
Gardena Spiral Hose Set

£ 44.99

RRP: £52.99
Gardena Hose Reel Set
Mobile and space saving

£ 47.95

RRP: £52.99
Gardena Hose Trolley CleverRoll S Set 20m
Compact hose trolley with height-adjustable handle

£ 49.49

RRP: £54.99
Gardena Classic Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 60
With guiding reel

£ 54.95

RRP: £61.99

Garden Hose Reels

A Gardena Hose Reel for every Gardena Hose

We have the right hose storage solution for your every need.

Choose from our selection of reels, trolleys, wall mounted hose boxes and portable devices too.

Looking for maximum comfort without the need to bend over? Consider an automatic winding hose reel, it'll help you keep your hands clean too.

The Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 Roll-Up Automatic shown above is currently unavailable but coming to the UK soon.

All of our hose reels have a robust design, to last the test of time. Many models feature a formed foot to give the hose trolley extra stability for use standing up.

For use on the go consider the Gardena 15m hose reel set, it has a compact and light design which makes it the go to choice for use on a patio, in a small London garden or perhaps on your balcony. Transporting the hose reel is easy too as it has an ergonomic handle as part of the design.

The new Gardena Hose box is one of the most compact solutions on the market, perfect for leisure and camping. Simply pop it in the boot of your care and away you go. The crank handle folds and down and and is supplied with the connection hose too, it really is ready to go.