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Garden Hose
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By Gardena Garden Hose
By Gardena Sprinklers
Gardena Connection Set
Connect from Tap to Hose Reel

£ 11.99

RRP: £12.99
Gardena Classic Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 15 m

£ 12.95

RRP: £12.99
Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 15 m

£ 13.99

RRP: £14.99
Gardena Classic Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 30 m

£ 21.95

RRP: £24.99
Gardena Soaker Hose 15m

£ 23.95

RRP: £29.99
Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 30 m

£ 25.95

RRP: £29.99
Gardena Sprinkler Hose 15m

£ 27.95

RRP: £34.99
Gardena Hose Trolley AquaRoll S
Hose Trolley with convenient handling

£ 29.95

RRP: £34.99
Gardena Classic Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 50 m

£ 33.99

RRP: £34.99
Gardena Comfort HighFLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 30 m

£ 34.95

RRP: £49.99
Gardena Comfort FLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 50 m

£ 41.95

RRP: £49.99
Gardena Premium SuperFLEX Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 30 m

£ 41.95

RRP: £49.99

Garden Hose

Gardena Garden Hoses

The best quality garden hoses on the market, the innovative range of Gardena hoses offer you much more than a basic water transportation system.

An integral important element of your entire garden irrigation solution - everything fits together and it's important to get the right hose for the job.

Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
All Gardena hoses have been tested to the extreme to ensure they're fit for the British weather - weatherproof and UV resistant. All hoses are free of heavy metals and phtalates too.

Innovative mesh textile structure
Gardena hoses feature a high quality mesh textile while allows for extreme resistance to water pressure and helps keep the shape of the hose too.

Perfect Connection
Use in partnership with Gardena hose connectors for a secure fit between your hose and fittings.

A watering solution for every Garden
Take a look at the Gardena spiral hose which is ideal for smaller gardens, patios and even balconies - it has an ingenious coil system so save you winding up the hose after use.