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By Gardena Cleansystem
Gardena Cleansystem Shampoo
Effective cleaning of surfaces inc glass

£ 6.49

RRP: £7.49
Gardena CleanSystem Hand-Held Scrubbing Brush
Thorough, fast and convenient

£ 17.09

RRP: £18.99
Gardena CleanSystem Hand-Held Wash Brush
Gently and effectively clean

£ 17.09

RRP: £18.99
Gardena Car Wash Set
Car washing made easy

£ 40.99

RRP: £45.99
Gardena Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Promotion Pack
For cleaning and clearing gutters

£ 69.99

RRP: £74.99


Put down that bucket and sponge

The Gardena Cleansystem is a water-based cleaning system. It's here to save the day, utilising the car wash kit and shampoo blocks you can effortlessly clean your car or windows.

Water flows through the handle for effortless cleaning.

Scrub to your hearts content without needing to do tedious tasks like carry and re-fill a bucket, wring out a sponge or flannel, etc.

The soft bristles are excellent quality and soft to prevent damage to your sensitive surfaces, easily rotate the brush head for reaching all sorts of angles.