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£ 12.95

Gardena Comfort Multi-Function Spray Lance SHOP SOILED

£ 19.99

Pressuresprayer 1.25 L

£ 22.95

RRP: £25.99
Pressuresprayer 5 L

£ 28.95

RRP: £33.99
Pressuresprayer 5L Plus

£ 49.99

RRP: £56.99
Pressuresprayer 5L EasyPump

£ 79.99

RRP: £90.99
Backpacksprayer 12 L

£ 89.99

RRP: £109.99


A Sprayer for Every Garden

Gardena Sprayers start at just 1 litre and range up to a generous 12 litre option which can be worn on your back for comfort when using. This versatile range of sprayers are suited for use in the home and garden and are well suited to the care of tender plants.

For beautiful and healthy plants we recommend using a fertilizer or pesticide. Remembering that less is more, carefully determine the exact dosage required and on a cloudy day with moist soil you can utilise a sprayer to keep your plants strong and full of life.

Gardena Pump Sprayers

Best for use indoors or on a balcony where smaller areas require a smaller spraying solution, less water and fertiliser. Gardena pump sprayers utilise a ergonomically designed spray head with stainless steel parts and a large base, perfectly designed for indoor use.

Larger Areas

For distribution of liquid in large areas you should consider a backpack sprayer for maximum coverage, comfort and ease of use. It's perfectly suited to the task and will help you with vines and trees too.