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Smart System
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By Gardena Water Controls
Extension Cable

£ 17.99

RRP: £19.99
Soil Moisture Sensor

£ 44.99

RRP: £49.99
Gardena Water Control Bluetooth®

£ 62.99

RRP: £69.99
Gardena Smart Sensor
Gardena Smart Gateway Required

£ 64.99

Gardena Smart Sensor
Measure soil moisture

£ 109.99

Gardena Smart Water Control
Automatic irrigation via smart App

£ 144.95

RRP: £149.99
Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set
Irrigation via smart App

£ 224.99

RRP: £449.99
Gardena Smart Water Control Set
Irrigation via smart App

£ 224.99

smart Sensor Control Set

£ 254.99

Gardena Smart Irrigation Control 24V
Smart Irrigation Control of up to six irrigation zones

£ 305.99

smart Irrigation Control Sensor Set

£ 349.99

smart SILENO city 250
Robotic Lawn Mower

£ 849.99

RRP: £899.99

Smart System

The Gardena Smart System - The Future of Gardening has arrived

Truly the smart way to look after your garden, take out all the tedious work and achieve a beautiful out door living space with carpet like lawn. The intelligent and award winning system is programmable from anywhere at any time from a simple app on your phone.

Choose comfort, control and freedom.

The smart system is easy to install and intuitive, you can control it from anywhere and even get status updates via your phone. You'll never need to mow the lawn again or water it with a robot mower and smart controlled sprinkler system.

Using a smart sensor you can keep check on the light, temperature and soil moisture in your garden. The clever smart system will never over or under water your garden.