Gardena Clever Irrigation – The Perfect Relaxation

A modern irrigation system turns the time you spend watering into leisure time and – if you want – can control the irrigation of your entire garden.

You will have an even more spectacular garden and finally the time to enjoy it. 


Does The System Water Automatically?

Your garden will water itself with an automatic irrigation system. This makes you more flexible and independent when you want to go out or travel.


How Can I Profit From An Automatic Irrigation System?

You are relieved of the tedious task of watering and have more free time on your hands. You no longer have to install sprinklers and carry around hoses or watering cans. What used to take hours is now done automatically giving you the chance to sit back and relax: The system ensures regular, metered and reliable irrigation. It promotes a greener lawn, less moss as well as healthy and nutritious plants.


Is It Worth The Investment?

If expensive plants, lawns and flowerbeds are not watered correctly, it takes both time and expense to replace them. Good irrigation helps to create and sustain value in your garden. According to a study by GARDENA, every euro you invest in your garden will increase the price of your property by approximately € 2.60. A well-maintained and well-watered garden can increase the value of your property.


What Is The Price Of A Gardena Irrigation System?

Many people overestimate the price of a permanently installed irrigation system. A pop-up sprinkler system can cost just one euro per square metre if you plan and install it yourself.**


Can An Irrigation System Also Be Used In A Finished Garden?

Once the GARDENA Sprinklersystem has been installed underground, it soon becomes invisible. The sprinklers only pop up to water the garden and disappear back into the ground when their work is done. Even the over ground GARDENA Micro-DripSystem, ideal for hedges, flowerbeds and single plants, does not obstruct and can be integrated into a garden at any time.


What Impresses Irrigation System Owners The Most?

Whoever has witnessed a garden watering itself without having to lift a finger will see the benefits of a modern irrigation system. All you have to do is enter the watering times and the GARDENA Irrigation Control Systems will ensure that the sprinklers start watering to-the-minute exactly. Sprinklers pop up out of the ground and water your lawn, while drip systems supply water to your hedges, beds and individual plants.


What Should Be Done Before The Onset Of Winter?

A GARDENA Irrigation System does not have to be removed or specially protected in winter. The Sprinklersystem is easy to maintain thanks to drain valves that automatically protect the system against frost. Over the winter, you only need to dismantle the watering computer and a few components of the system that can be easily removed and stored (e. g. in the cellar) to protect from frost.


Does An Irrigation System Not Consume Too Much Water?

An automatic irrigation system starts when you want – either early morning or at night. This is the ideal time for watering as evaporation levels are at their lowest. Automatic irrigation is controlled by rain and soil moisture sensors. They ensure that your garden is only watered when it needs it. Micro-DripSystem irrigation uses significantly less water* as the water is delivered straight to the root area of the plants and is soaked into the soil before much of it has a chance to evaporate or trickle away.


* Results from professional use: comparison of drip irrigation with sprinkler irrigation.
** e.g. set with OS 140 for 140 m²