The Original Gardena System is now over 50 years old. With a proud heritage from Germany - known for its high quality
manufacturing and testing process, the Gardena products are second to none in the UK market. The Gardena system
exudes quality, has an extremely long service life and is extremely straightforward to use.


With the UK enjoying an extremely hot Summer, the inevitable hosepipe ban will soon be upon us. Ensure your plants
stay well watered during this period and beat the hosepipe ban by investing in Gardena for your garden.

How does Gardena beat the Hosepipe Ban?

Unless there is a blanket ban, Gardena Micro Drip Systems beat the ban because it has been proven that Gardena Watering
Systems use up less water than you would through the use of a watering can. This does not include systems that use any
spray nozzles, only drip heads.

Buy Gardena from us online or by visiting our showroom in North London at Sunshine Garden Centre - we have all of your
Gardena needs covered and we are the UK's Leading Gardena Stockist.